Freelancer Nasim

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Whatever you read here is 100000% legal and correct. You are going to see something mysterious  which you might have not seen before.

Everything this guy challenged has been proved one by one. He also said, if anything is remaining from my challenge, i will do that! Not immediately but definitely!!

Well, How does he take the challenge and how accurately does he prove it? Let's start with an example BY BEFORE AND AFTER:


Before The Challange

His room (bed) where he used to sleep.

A House only 10 feet by 300 feet which was made of Tin and bamboo

His Washroom 🙂


After the Challange

In 3 Years (36 Months) He changed the condition of the place.


in 2016, He lost his father. After one year, it means 2017, He was talking to his elder sister “MOU”, She was too sad and said “Bhaiya, Will our situation become good? Can we hope for it?,

Nasim smiled and said, Well, what do you need?

Sis: You see, At Least we don't have a healthy place and house where we could sleep with peace. God doesn't really help us.

Nasim: Dont say like that, He’s always beside us and helping. You and I can still breathe. Do we pay for this oxygen? Never. So he is taking our Exam. What else do you need besides a house?

Sis: Laughed and made fun of his question and said bro! Dont even dream of having anything else more. We atleast dont have a house.

Nasim: Once again what else?

Sis: Well, buy a car for our mom?? That woman suffered a lot. Make her smile.

Nasim: That’s it?? Well, You will have these by 2020.

Sis: Are you mad Nasim? This is not that easy!

Nasim: Well, I am recording a video of this current hose now.

Sis: For what?

Nasim: So that in 2020 you don't forget about today. I will show you this video after changing this place and house and the situation only in 3 Years.

Sis: She was like LOL Nasim!! Don't make any more jokes! Haha.

Nasim: Silently left the place.

He had only 36 months from that day and each month he should save at least 200K BDT to complete all these challenges by 2020.

Finally, in 2020 He showed surprise. He brought everything his sister wanted. Once he played that recorded video in 2017. Sister shocked and said, Hey Are you jotish nasim?? How did you know about it three years ago?? How confidently you recorded a video for the challenge. How’s this possible?

Nasim replied nothing but “Lets give all these to our Mom now :) “. You will see me become a billionaire by 2025.

Sis: I don't want to challenge myself again. I know “Mera Bhaiy Jo bolega vo hi karega. Karma is with him” :)

There is a video link of this whole thing with that old house video too. You may wish to watch :

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Are you kinda curious to know more about him? :) You can read now if you want. Or you may wish to close this page too. We wish your best future and pray always for you. Never feel alone. Allah is always beside you.

Biography of Freelancer Nasim

Legal Name: Md Nasim


Md Nasim, Well known as Freelancer Nasim on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter etc. He is a most popular Freelancer & a consultant of Freelancing Career in Bangladesh. Moreover, He is the Founder & CEO of a popular software development company and IT based training institute named FnSoftwares & Institute. Nasim is a rising star of the country & already has got huge attention from the media and government for his non-profit task. He won the heart of the millions of people providing lessons & consultants online.


Early Life of Freelancer Nasim


Freelancer Nasim was born on February 20, 1995 in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. His father Late. Monsur Ali was an Army of Bangladesh. On the other hand, His father was a freedom fighter in 1971. His mother Mst. Nurjahan Begum is a Homemaker.


Nasim has five sisters and three brothers (including him) in his family. He is the second son of the family. He Studied honors in Dinajpur Government College in the Department of English language & literature. Nasim lost his father because of  the disease of cancer in 2016 when he was a Teenager college student.


Career of Freelancer Nasim


Nasim is the Founder & CEO of FnSoftwares & Institute. His father wanted him to join the Bangladesh Army as his father was a retired army. But he was interested in Information & Technology and Learned few programming languages & web and mobile application development through Blogs, Articles & YouTube Tutorials. He started doing Freelancing Job as a Web Application Developer when he was in school.  After losing his father, Nasim was the only one to support the family and still doing so. When he lost his father, his situation was very critical. Because he had no strong certificate or Job. But Freelancing Job helped him to support the Family and continue his study.






Moving on, He started forming his own software development company (FnSoftwares & Institute) in 2017. Finally the company launched in 2019. Nowadays FnSoftwares is a top web design agency and software development company with a large pool of software developers available for dedicated and fixed time/cost projects.




Freelancer Nasim’s Achievements


Nasim has multiple achievements in his life. Those are written below:



Building Own Dream House & Buying Personal Car


The most important achievement of Freelancer Nasim is building his Dream House & Buying a Car. Because of his father’s cancer treatment, they had to borrow and spend lots of money at Hospital, He did not get any legacy wealth or property. With his own earnings, He built his Dream House in his Village & Bought a Car in 2020. Which actually was a gift for his mother.



YouTube Golden Play Button & Silver Play Button Award


Freelancer Nasim started creating content on YouTube in 2018 about Freelancing Jobs and motivating people to become self dependent. He owns a YouTube channel named “Freelancer Nasim” which now has more than 1 Million Subscribers. This is why, He got awarded the Silver & Golden Play Button from YouTube in 2020.


Channel link:




Love from Millions of Facebook & Instagram Fans


Freelancer Nasim did not only influence people on youtube, but also on Facebook and other social accounts like Instagram and twitter etc.



Currently he has more than 1 Million followers on his Facebook Page. Link and Personal Facebook Profile has more than 300k followers. Link: , linked in as the same.


Nasim count a single follower as love and blessing.



Freelancer Nasim as Best Seller Author


Nasim is not only a Freelancer, But also an Author. He wrote his first Book for Ekushey Boi Mela, (Freelancing – internet theke aay) in 2020 and second book in 2021 called (Ghore Bosei Web Design Kore Dollar Aay) and the first book became a best seller on online Book Shop . Thousands of people bought his book in Bangladesh, India and other countries.  





Nasim became 2nd as a best seller and best writer on 2020 Online Book Fair Award:



Featured by, Most popular Freelancing Marketplace in the world


Freelancer Nasim was featured in a video documentary on’s 20 Million Successful freelancer story program. They published the video in 2016 and promoted it until 2020. The reference link is:



On the other hand, He did a Logo Expose Program for in 2015 with more than 8000 people in his upazila. awarded $25000 USD to the participants worldwide. He became a Runner UP in the program and featured on's community page. The reference is


And the feature link is:  (CoderBoyNasim)




















Tv, News Media reports coverage about  Freelancer Nasim


Freelancer Nasim is Gradually invited by many TV, Talk Show programs and newspapers.

Already been invited by Ekushey Television, Independence, Atn Bangla, Mohona TV etc.




Freelancer Nasim as a Public Speaker


Beside career life, Freelancer Nasim speaks in front of Teenager school students to University Students to motivate them about the importance of Time and How to build a successful career within 30 Years old. He shares his stories to inspire the people.


Freelancer Nasim’s Hobbies & Interests


Nasim’s hobby is to see the creation of Almighty Allah by visiting the whole world country to country. He loves to play Guitar and sign song.

Sometimes he is seen to be playing Guitar and making fun with friends. He wrote few songs too. One of the songs of him named “Hariye Jawa Valobasa” has been very popular on the internet. People loved the song.

Freelancer Nasim as an Actor

Freelancer Nasim is seen as an actor sometimes in front of shooting set

He has done two short films.

  1. Ultimate Exam
  2. True love never dies

Dear Reader,

Be careful to think anything negative or whatever after reading this statement below. This guy, What he said about his own goal is 100% accurate and it's not only said just like the other people say normally. It's been said by Nasim to prove it as well. This is not a wish, This is a journey basically. People say such things just to maintain speeches. But He doesn't say such things to maintain the structure of the speech. He says everything to prove as well. Again Best wishes.

What is Freelancer Nasim’s Goal In Life?

He said, “I am Nasim! My one and only goal is to earn billions of dollars and donate to poor families. I would like to buy happiness with all my earnings in my whole life”, I will distribute all the wealth of mine freely to the people of this earth and I will leave this world smiling… :) 🙂

Before 10 seconds of my death, The last moment of my life, I will say “Yes!! This was my life, that's what I did! Thanks to everybody who supported me and also hated me :)  and Thanks my best Friend Dear Almighty Allah :). Because I have fulfilled the purpose of my life! ”

My Dear Best Friend (Allah), You can call me now, I am ready to go anywhere you want! Because I have done what I wanted to do. Nothing is left.

Some of his pictures are given below:

পরিবার - আমি - ক্যারিয়ার

No Tomorrow, No Today.

Say NOW!

These two unique quotes are from his popular writings.


If you look back, There's only one thing which can pull you back and that is nothing but your OWN Family. (Means: No Failure, No GF NO FRIEND, NO LIFE INCIDENT Nothing means nothing !)

If You look forward, You will see nothing but the career you dreamed of only.

In the middle?

It’s You man!

Never allow anything to enter between these three words in your whole life and you will be happy always. Trust me. :)

No Tomorrow, No Today,

Say Now!

The work you want to do tomorrow it’s foolishness. Because you dont know whether you will be alive or not until tomorrow or today. Since you are still taking breathe, You should do it right now!

Dear Reader:

A Wish from Freelancer Nasim for you :)

Keep Loving Everybody, Distribute Happiness. You will get the same result in return. Hope you will lead your life in happiness from today.

I LOVE YOU & Everyone 💕